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Cheap Used Cars For Sale

Are you looking to buy a cheap car? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. When money is tight, it can be very difficult to buy a car. However, if you look at the used car market you're still able to find some real bargains! Second hand cars can give you more value for money than ever before. Older cars now provide better build quality, paintwork, safety standards and durability.

All the cars you find within our "cheap cars" section are reduced in price. So not only are you getting good value for your money but you're likely to pick up the car at a much cheaper price!

Cars under £2,000!

Here are some examples of what £2,000 can buy you.

used   cars for sale

Ford Mondeo

used   cars for sale

Ford Fiesta

used   cars for sale

Renault Megane

used   cars for sale

Ford Mondeo

If your budget can't stretch to £2,000 then why not take a look at our cheaper cars? We've got a wide selection cars under £1,000! Whatever your budget we're sure to have a suitable car for you.

Recently reduced price cars on popular manufacturers

All of the cars below have been reduced in price so there's a great chance of you getting a great used car bargain!

Alfa Romeo (25 reduced) Jaguar (25 reduced) Porsche (11 reduced)
Aston Martin (1 reduced) Jeep (18 reduced) Proton (6 reduced)
Audi (142 reduced) Kia (119 reduced) Renault (182 reduced)
Bentley (4 reduced) Lamborghini (2 reduced) Rover (10 reduced)
BMW (116 reduced) Land Rover (96 reduced) Saab (12 reduced)
Chevrolet (43 reduced) Lexus (14 reduced) SEAT (77 reduced)
Chrysler (10 reduced) Mazda (90 reduced) Skoda (51 reduced)
Citroen (149 reduced) Mercedes Benz (74 reduced) Subaru (9 reduced)
Ferrari (2 reduced) MG (8 reduced) Suzuki (46 reduced)
Fiat (126 reduced) MINI (47 reduced) Toyota (113 reduced)
Ford (613 reduced) Mitsubishi (21 reduced) Vauxhall (670 reduced)
Honda (77 reduced) Nissan (122 reduced) Volkswagen (224 reduced)
Hyundai (88 reduced) Peugeot (321 reduced) Volvo (39 reduced)

Cars under £3,000!

On a budget of £3,000, here's some examples of cars that you can afford.

used Volvo  cars for sale


used Volvo  cars for sale

SEAT Ibiza

used Volvo  cars for sale

Ford Fiesta

used Volvo  cars for sale

Ford Fiesta

Bargains on other car manufacturers

If you're looking for something a little more exclusive then try selecting one of these manufacturers. All of these cars have also been reduced in price.

Abarth (2 reduced) Smart (13 reduced)  
Austin (1 reduced) Ssangyong (2 reduced)  
Dacia (8 reduced)    
Daewoo (3 reduced)    
Daihatsu (1 reduced)    
Dodge (2 reduced)    
Isuzu (1 reduced)    
Rolls Royce (1 reduced)    

Cars under £5000!

Here are some examples of used cars on the market for less than £5,000.

used Rolls Royce  cars for sale

Suzuki Swift

used Rolls Royce  cars for sale

Renault Twingo

used Rolls Royce  cars for sale

Vauxhall Corsa

used Rolls Royce  cars for sale

Vauxhall Astra

If you've got a little more cash burning a hole in your pocket then we've also got quality cars under £10,000.

Helping you find cheaper cars!

DesperateSeller.co.uk can help you find cheaper cars by allowing you to browse our ever growing database of cheap used cars. We will show you cars that suits both your needs and your budget. Whether you have £1k to spend or you have an unlimited budget we still understand the important of getting a real bargain.

Our cheap car database is brimming with stock from private selelrs, cheap car dealers and large cheap car supermarkets. So if you are looking to buy a cheap car, then look no further than DesperateSeller.co.uk where you will find all the choice you need on one website. With DesperateSeller.co.uk, finding the perfect cheap used car has never been so easy!