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Used Jaguar Cars For Sale

There's still a soft spot for Jaguar in the hearts of many UK motorists and after some distinctly rocky times, the company looks to be back in rude health once again. A Jaguar used car remains something that many people aspire to and it isn't difficult to understand why. Let help you reach those aspirations!

Most popular selling Jaguar models

E Pace car for sale
427 cars available
E Pace car for sale
Priced from  £18,999 to £50,000
View E Pace
E Type car for sale
14 cars available
E Type car for sale
Priced from  £46,995 to £150,000
View E Type
F Pace car for sale
754 cars available
F Pace car for sale
Priced from  £15,985 to £74,995
View F Pace
F Type car for sale
313 cars available
F Type car for sale
Priced from  £23,990 to £139,995
View F Type
I Pace car for sale
168 cars available
I Pace car for sale
Priced from  £44,000 to £79,844
View I Pace
Mark Ii car for sale
4 cars available
Mark Ii car for sale
Priced from  £20,000 to £47,995
View Mark Ii
S Type car for sale
80 cars available
S Type car for sale
Priced from  £1,250 to £13,995
View S Type
X Type car for sale
165 cars available
X Type car for sale
Priced from  £399 to £7,995
View X Type
Xe car for sale
842 cars available
Xe car for sale
Priced from  £7,950 to £130,140
View Xe
Xf car for sale
1,262 cars available
Xf car for sale
Priced from  £1,790 to £56,680
View Xf
Xj Series car for sale
267 cars available
Xj Series car for sale
Priced from  £650 to £59,763
View Xj Series
Xj6 car for sale
5 cars available
Xj6 car for sale
Priced from  £4,995 to £11,995
View Xj6
Xj8 car for sale
3 cars available
Xj8 car for sale
Priced from  £4,995 to £9,500
View Xj8
Xjs car for sale
22 cars available
Xjs car for sale
Priced from  £5,995 to £39,995
View Xjs
Xk car for sale
69 cars available
Xk car for sale
Priced from  £7,750 to £115,000
View Xk
Xk8 car for sale
38 cars available
Xk8 car for sale
Priced from  £3,975 to £27,995
View Xk8
Xkr car for sale
49 cars available
Xkr car for sale
Priced from  £6,495 to £62,990
View Xkr

Jaguar in stats

Popular models: | Xf (28%) | Xe (19%) | F Pace (17%) | E Pace (10%) | F Type (7%) | Xj Series (6%) | I Pace (4%) | X Type (4%) | S Type (2%) | Xk (2%)
Popular body styles: | Saloon (54%) | Estate (25%) | 4x4 (8%) | Coupe (7%) | Convertible (4%) | Hatchback (1%) | People Carrier (1%)
Transmissions: | Automatic (90%) | Manual (10%)
Fuel types: | Diesel (69%) | Electric (4%) | Petrol (27%)
Engines: | 2000cc (53%) | 2100cc (1%) | 2200cc (7%) | 2500cc (1%) | 2700cc (2%) | 3000cc (17%) | 3200cc (1%) | 3400cc (1%) | 3600cc (1%) | 3800cc (1%) | 4000cc (1%) | 4200cc (2%) | 5000cc (3%) | 5300cc (1%) | 6000cc (0%)
Popular colors: | Green | Gold | Brown | Blue | Black
Popular derivatives: Classic | Luxury | Portfolio | Premium Luxury | S Luxury | S Portfolio | S Premium Luxury | Se Business | Series Portfolio | Series Premium Luxury | Series Sovereign | Sovereign | Sport | Xfr |

A historic view on Jaguar

We'll stick to the recent models here but there's also a vibrant market in classic Jags for those who are that way inclined. The X-TYPE was Jaguar's attempt to break into the lucrative compact executive car market and a controversial car with those who though the famous marque shouldn't be stooping so low. Essentially a re-badged Ford Mondeo, the X-TYPE was good at first but was allowed to run on for too long without being updated. It makes an interesting second hand car today, with pre-owned saloon and estate versions available. Jaguar's S-TYPE plundered classic Jaguars of the past for its design themes and made a charismatic alternative to a BMW 5-Series or Mercedes E-Class. The used cars still do. The XF replaced it in 2008 and finally here was a Jaguar that could take on and beat the Germans on their own terms. Used second hand versions are becoming common. The XJ is Jaguar's luxury saloon and despite its traditional styling, the version launched in 2003 was highly advanced technologically and deemed a class leader ahead of the A8 and S-Class for a while. It's a cheap way to buy a used Jaguar thanks to the wonders of depreciation but beware the running costs. That brings us to the XK coupe, a car that was beautiful in its 1996 XK8 guise and brilliant in the XK form that replaced that one in 2006. The later car is one of the best grand tourers around in convertible and fixed roof form - sleek, comfortable and fast with its range of V8 engines. You'll pay for the privilege but it's cheap compared to the Aston Martin Vantage that's built on the same platform.

Useful tips to sell your motor

If you’re in the market for a new Jaguar then you should also be thinking about how you are going to sell your old car. There are many websites where you can advertise your car including Once you know where you are going to advertise your car and what your advert is going to say you’ll need to think about getting your car ready for show and tell. It’s important that you get your car looking its best before showing it to any potential buyers. First impressions count so spend a few extra pounds getting your car professionally cleaned.

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