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Currently HPL Motors Limited have one of the widest selection of cars with 688 cars to choose from in a single location

Why car dealers?

Why buy from a car dealer?

When the time comes to buy your next used car you've basically got two options open to you. You can either buy a car from a private seller or you can buy one from a car dealer. There are advantages to both with the biggest advantage of buying from a private seller being that you're more likely to get a better price. So what are the benefits of buying from a car dealer? Well, there are several main benefits to be had by buying from a dealer. Firstly, your consumer rights are much stronger which is good to know should anything go wrong with the purchase. Secondly, there's a high chance that you're going to be able to part exchange your old car and use the value against the price of your new one. Finally, a dealer is likely to be able to offer you finance option should you not be in a position to purchase the car outright.

Art of negotiation

Negotiating with a salesperson?

Before you even step inside a dealership you must be prepared. By "prepared" we mean you must have done your research on the car you're looking to buy. You also need to work out if you can actually afford the car as many buyers forget about the running costs of a car when making that all important purchase. Always remember that a dealer's prices are not fixed. They expect potential buyers to haggle them down so they usually add a bit on top of the price to cover this. Therefore, make sure you know the true value of the car you're looking to buy as the last thing you want to do is pay over the odds for a car. You might also want to consider taking a look at any other dealers that are selling the same car and see what they are charging for it. If it's less then you can use this as part of your negotiation.

Did you know?

Did you know...

According to research on of the most common complaints listed against car dealers involved the fact that their mechanics are unable to diagnose a fault with a car. Cars are becoming more and more sophisticated and mechanics are simply struggling to keep pace with these advancements which means that the number of issues increase. On the flip side, what's good to discover is that the number of buyers that complain about dealers not answering their phones or replying to emails has decreased. This is great news for users of the website as we continue to work hard trying to make it easy for our users to contact dealers.