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Swindon Citroen C3 used cars

We've got 39 C3 cars being advertised today in Swindon, 11 are reduced in price

Swindon is home to used car dealers such as , CarShop Swindon , Cross Street Car Sales , Dick Lovett MINI Swindon . Cheaper Citroen C3 cars are currently priced anywhere between 1,000 and 5,000 while mid-priced examples can be found towards the 5,000 to 8,000 bracket. The average price for a C3 in Swindon is 7,121 which is higher than the national average. If you are concerned with value depreciation then we would recommend looking for 2014 C3 models with little more than 31,000 on the clock.

Citroen C3 cars under a budget within Swindon

We have great offers on Citroen C3 cars within Swindon and around Wiltshire. Deals start from as little as 895!

Under 1,000

(1 available)
Ave mileage: 105,000
Ave age: 2003

Under 2,000

(2 available)
Ave mileage: 74,826
Ave age: 2004

Under 3,000

(5 available)
Ave mileage: 72,310
Ave age: 2005

Under 4,000

(8 available)
Ave mileage: 63,853
Ave age: 2006

Under 5,000

(9 available)
Ave mileage: 60,092
Ave age: 2006

Under 8,000

(26 available)
Ave mileage: 33,930
Ave age: 2010
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Our cheapest Citroen C3 cars in and around Swindon

Here are a few examples of low priced C3 cars being advertised today

We have 39 C3 cars for sale in Swindon.

Typical Citroen C3 specs

C3 transmissions

  • Automatic (8%)
  • Manual (93%)
Browse by transmission

C3 fuel types

  • Diesel (50%)
  • Petrol (51%)
Browse by fuel type

C3 stats

  • MPG: 8 - 13
  • co2: 87 - 137 g/km
  • Taxband: A - E

Citroen C3 engines

1000cc (4%) | 1100cc (3%) | 1200cc (8%) | 1398cc (0%) | 1400cc (42%) | 1600cc (42%) |        Browse by engine

Citroen C3 derivatives

Airdream | Airdream+ | Cachet | Connexion | Cool | Desire | Exclusive | First | Rhythm | Vtr | Vtr+ | Xtr |        Browse by derivative

Citroen C3 cars in and around Swindon

Popular towns in wiltshire

According to the most popular towns in terms of population in Wiltshire are , Amesbury , Bradford on Avon , Calne , Chippenham , Corsham , Devizes , Malmesbury , Marlborough , Melksham , Pewsey , Salisbury , Swindon , Trowbridge , Warminster , Westbury . Therefore, we scour all of these towns for cars that are availble to buy.

Top Wiltshire dealers

If you're on the lookout for a Citroen C3 then we would recommend taking a visit to Penton Citroen Salisbury . They currently have 12 Citroen C3 cars for sale. Here are our top dealers in Wiltshire all currently selling Citroen C3 cars.

Penton Citroen Salisbury
48 Churchfields Road, Wiltshire Salisbury SP2 7PW - tel: 0172 2 3 22828
No. of Citroen C3 cars: 12

Swindon Motor Park
Dorcan Way, Wiltshire Swindon SN3 3RA - tel: 0179 339 9431
No. of Citroen C3 cars: 12

CarShop Swindon
Penny Lane, Wiltshire Swindon SN3 3BW - tel: 0179 339 9646
No. of Citroen C3 cars: 5

25-27 New Broughton Road, Wiltshire Melksham SN12 8BS - tel: 0122 556 0206
No. of Citroen C3 cars: 2

Great Western Car Sales
1 Armstrong Street, Wiltshire Swindon SN1 2AA - tel: 0179 339 3219
No. of Citroen C3 cars: 1

Fish Brothers Peugeot Swindon
Great Western Way, Wiltshire Swindon SN5 7YQ - tel: 0179 339 3170
No. of Citroen C3 cars: 1

Rex Car Sales (Wiltshire)
London Road, Wiltshire Salisbury SP1 3HN - tel: 0172 262 2619
No. of Citroen C3 cars: 1

Search Wiltshire car dealers represents thousands of car dealers across the UK. If you're looking for car dealers near to you then feel free to search for a dealer.

Citroen C3 cars in counties around Swindon

No. of cars: 39
Low price: 1,395
Ave price: 7,298
No. of cars: 23
Low price: 1,399
Ave price: 6,346
No. of cars: 46
Low price: 1,299
Ave price: 5,173
No. of cars: 17
Low price: 3,000
Ave price: 5,735
No. of cars: 54
Low price: 1,695
Ave price: 6,777

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Recommended dealers

Penton Citroen Salisbury
48 Churchfields Road, Wiltshire Salisbury
Tel: 0172 2 3 22828
No. of Citroen C3 cars: 12

Swindon Motor Park
Dorcan Way, Wiltshire Swindon
Tel: 0179 339 9431
No. of Citroen C3 cars: 12

CarShop Swindon
Penny Lane, Wiltshire Swindon
Tel: 0179 339 9646
No. of Citroen C3 cars: 5 accreditation

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