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You've got your premium brands and your mainstream brands and then you've got Volkswagen. The German marque takes great pride in the classless image, low key styling and the underlying quality of its products. The result for used car buyers are prices that sit slightly above those of mainstream alternatives but residual values that significantly exceed them.

Available models

Here's a list of the most popular selling Volkswagen models ranked by popularity:


(5826 available)
Volkswagen Golf cars

From: £375
To: £40000


(2635 available)
Volkswagen Polo cars

From: £350
To: £20000


(2319 available)
Volkswagen Passat cars

From: £189
To: £39990


(1450 available)
Volkswagen Tiguan cars

From: £3850
To: £37999


(956 available)
Volkswagen Transporter cars

From: £193
To: £48995


(879 available)
Volkswagen Up! cars

From: £109
To: £25990


(783 available)
Volkswagen Caddy cars

From: £350
To: £29995


(704 available)
Volkswagen Scirocco cars

From: £5799
To: £30999


(533 available)
Volkswagen Touran cars

From: £895
To: £28796


(453 available)
Volkswagen Beetle cars

From: £400
To: £32990


(380 available)
Volkswagen Touareg cars

From: £3000
To: £53890


(303 available)
Volkswagen Crafter cars

From: £2999
To: £35995


(259 available)
Volkswagen Jetta cars

From: £1990
To: £24450


(207 available)
Volkswagen Sharan cars

From: £400
To: £32990


(145 available)
Volkswagen Amarok cars

From: £10940
To: £39980


(96 available)
Volkswagen Fox cars

From: £999
To: £4998


(93 available)
Volkswagen Eos cars

From: £2990
To: £17693


(52 available)
Volkswagen Caravelle cars

From: £4950
To: £53994


(22 available)
Volkswagen Bora cars

From: £489
To: £3995


(16 available)
Volkswagen Lupo cars

From: £595
To: £5000


(13 available)
Volkswagen Camper cars

From: £895
To: £47500


(11 available)
Volkswagen Phaeton cars

From: £4979
To: £15495


(9 available)
Volkswagen California cars

From: £39990
To: £67995


(5 available)
Volkswagen Lt cars

From: £595
To: £4000


(2 available)
Volkswagen Multivan cars

From: £17453
To: £24958


(2 available)
Volkswagen Corrado cars

From: £2500
To: £11990

A historic view on Volkswagen cars

At the base of the VW range, the Lupo was replaced by the Fox city car in 2006 but neither has been a massive seller. The Polo supermini is far more commonplace as a second hand car and it's the Mk4 versions that represent particularly good value at the moment. Next comes the all-conquering Golf, available in three-door, five-door, estate and versatile Golf Plus guises. MK4, MK5 and MK6 cars are all well worthy of consideration, each generation having its sporty GTI versions or punchy diesel engines. There's also the Jetta saloon based on the MK5 car, the sleek Scirocco coupe and the Beetle which has its roots with the MK4. Passat used cars are always plentiful thanks to their popularity with fleet operators. The diesel -engined versions make good family transport and the curvy Passat CC launched in 2008 provides the antidote to the standard car's somewhat bland styling. Other pre-owned highlights increasing the range of used second hand Volkswagens include the Touran MPV, the Tiguan compact 4x4 and the Eos, an elegant hard-topped convertible. Volkswagen has even ventured into the top end of the car market with its Phaeton luxury saloon, a car that depreciates violently, and the Touareg luxury 4x4. Both share their architecture with Audi models and are very capable as a result but heavy running costs mean there are cheaper ways to buy a used Volkswagen.

Useful tips on how to sell your motor

As a golden rule, you will get a lot more money by selling your car privately on a website such as DesperateSeller.co.uk than you will by selling it to a dealer. However, what you need to take into consideration is the process itself as it can take up quite a bit of your time. You’ll need to advertise your car, speak with buyers, go out on test drives, negotiate a price and then do all the necessary paperwork. However, if you follow a few simple steps then you can make the process a whole lot smoother. Visit our “Sell My Car” section for more advice on how to sell your car smoothly.

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