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Vauxhall has shown itself to have a firm handle on what British buyers want over the years. Its major model lines with their wide variety of engine and trim level options do a fine job of offering something for everyone, propelling badges like Corsa, Astra and Vectra to household name status. Buy a used Vauxhall and you'll be joining the massed ranks of other motorists who do the same every year.

Available models

Here's a list of the most popular selling Vauxhall models ranked by popularity:


(8822 available)
Vauxhall Corsa cars

From: £249
To: £122000


(7492 available)
Vauxhall Astra cars

From: £200
To: £105000


(3488 available)
Vauxhall Insignia cars

From: £1500
To: £29995


(2658 available)
Vauxhall Mokka cars

From: £6982
To: £26452


(2439 available)
Vauxhall Zafira cars

From: £349
To: £28995


(1574 available)
Vauxhall Meriva cars

From: £295
To: £18421


(1296 available)
Vauxhall Adam cars

From: £4981
To: £18994


(1204 available)
Vauxhall Vivaro cars

From: £1850
To: £27594


(877 available)
Vauxhall Viva cars

From: £5981
To: £11550


(419 available)
Vauxhall Antara cars

From: £2991
To: £18995


(437 available)
Vauxhall Combo cars

From: £625
To: £19194


(335 available)
Vauxhall Movano cars

From: £1994
To: £27594


(290 available)
Vauxhall Vectra cars

From: £295
To: £18000


(242 available)
Vauxhall Agila cars

From: £899
To: £8495


(154 available)
Vauxhall Gtc cars

From: £7842
To: £20459


(129 available)
Vauxhall Tigra cars

From: £995
To: £4000


(80 available)
Vauxhall Cascada cars

From: £9495
To: £27995


(30 available)
Vauxhall Calibra cars

From: £2000
To: £18953


(12 available)
Vauxhall Signum cars

From: £500
To: £2995


(7 available)
Vauxhall Ampera cars

From: £12450
To: £16000


(6 available)
Vauxhall Vx220 cars

From: £10990
To: £54995


(4 available)
Vauxhall Omega cars

From: £450
To: £950


(3 available)
Vauxhall Monaro cars

From: £9989
To: £16993


(2 available)
Vauxhall Frontera cars

From: £600
To: £1250

A historic view on Vauxhall cars

We'll stick to the more recent models here but buyers on a budget can venture back into Vauxhall history and pick up some very tidy used cars for a song. The Agila is the most compact Vauxhall these days and the one to seek out is the second generation car based on the Suzuki Splash. It's a small car that makes the most of its interior space. The Corsa is far more common on the second hand car market and the fourth generation car launched in 2006 is still one of the best superminis around - comfortable and attractively styled. The MK5 Astra as a similarly dynamic appearance, especially in three-door Sport Hatch form, and like the Corsa, it's available in VXR guise with fiery performance. The Insignia is the car that replaced the long serving Vectra and has been very well received. Pre-owned models are around in good numbers now and brisk depreciation from new makes these large medium range Mondeo-sized models very good value as second hand cars. Of course, there's loads more to Vauxhall too. Used car buyers will encounter the Meriva and Zafira MPVs, which are also available in VXR guise so you can scare the family silly, the Antara 4x4 and the cute Tigra folding metal-top coupe. Fans of used second hand muscle cars will appreciate the performance bargains that are the V8 Monaro and VXR8 coupes.

Useful tips on how to sell your motor

When you know the Vauxhall car that you want to buy the chances are high that you’ll need to use the sale of your existing car to help pay for it. You need to decide what is the best way of selling your car in order to give you the best return. There are two main ways to sell your car. Firstly, you can part-exchange it against your next car or you can sell it privately. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages mainly to do with convenience and your asking price. You can find out more about the different ways of selling your car by visiting our “Sell My Car” section. You will find lots of other helpful tips and advice when it comes to selling you old motor.

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