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No manufacturer has a better understanding of what makes a great sportscar than Porsche. Many have tried and failed to knock the German marque off its pedestal but with each successive new product, it seems to reassert its dominance. As a result, demand for Porsche used cars is strong but considering what you pay for rival models with similar capabilities, the right pre-owned Porsche can be a relative bargain.

Available models

Here's a list of the most popular selling Porsche models ranked by popularity:


(314 available)
Porsche 911 cars

From: £11450
To: £414990


(277 available)
Porsche Cayenne cars

From: £5495
To: £99995

Boxster S

(201 available)
Porsche Boxster S cars

From: £2990
To: £83950


(110 available)
Porsche Cayman cars

From: £12989
To: £99995


(98 available)
Porsche Panamera cars

From: £29000
To: £121995


(94 available)
Porsche Macan cars

From: £38995
To: £80000


(7 available)
Porsche 944 cars

From: £3000
To: £29500


(5 available)
Porsche 356 cars

From: £80000
To: £375000


(5 available)
Porsche 718 cars

From: £19990
To: £56990


(3 available)
Porsche 924 cars

From: £13000
To: £29990


(4 available)
Porsche 928 cars

From: £13999
To: £79990

A historic view on Porsche cars

The 911 is Porsche's most famous gift to the motoring world. Launched in 1963, it's carefully evolved down the years to stay on top of its game. Launched in 1999, the 996 models are getting more affordable now and like the 997 cars that arrived in 2004, there's a wide variety to choose from on the used car market. The Carrera and Carrera S use the classic rear-engined, rear-wheel drive layout or there are the 4x4 Carrera 4 and 4S models. Second hand car buyers seeking supercar performance might like a 911 Turbo or the stripped out GT3 - or even the hooligan GT2 - but they don't come cheap. The most affordable way to buy a second hand Porsche that isn't too elderly is the Boxster roadster and early models from 1997 are around at very tempting prices. Many even claimed that the mid-engined Boxster was a better balanced and purer driver's car than the 911 and that point of view furthered with the arrival of the Cayman coupe version in 2005. Also worthy of a mention is the Cayenne luxury 4x4, something of a departure for the great brand but a very profitable one. Predictably, it handles better than just about any other luxury 4x4 and is a popular used car purchase.

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