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There's a varied range of Nissan used cars about, as would befit one of the world's leading car manufacturers, but the brand's recent success has been founded on its ability to sniff out a niche in the market. Why not use DesperateSeller.co.uk to help find your next used Nissan model!

Available models

Here's a list of the most popular selling Nissan models ranked by popularity:


Nissan Qashqai cars
4539 adverts | £750 - £29000

Nissan Qashqai cars for sale


Nissan Juke cars
4416 adverts | £750 - £24500

Nissan Juke cars for sale


Nissan Note cars
3018 adverts | £900 - £19000

Nissan Note cars for sale


Nissan Micra cars
2322 adverts | £295 - £50000

Nissan Micra cars for sale

Qashqai 2

Nissan Qashqai 2 cars
713 adverts | £7499 - £22995

Nissan Qashqai 2 cars for sale

X Trail

Nissan X Trail cars
432 adverts | £1600 - £32000

Nissan X Trail cars for sale


Nissan Leaf cars
410 adverts | £9961 - £28490

Nissan Leaf cars for sale


Nissan Navara cars
330 adverts | £3290 - £27900

Nissan Navara cars for sale


Nissan Nv200 cars
208 adverts | £5825 - £22540

Nissan Nv200 cars for sale


Nissan Almera cars
120 adverts | £400 - £3495

Nissan Almera cars for sale


Nissan Pixo cars
116 adverts | £2892 - £7695

Nissan Pixo cars for sale


Nissan Primera cars
75 adverts | £295 - £3250

Nissan Primera cars for sale


Nissan Pathfinder cars
75 adverts | £4965 - £28688

Nissan Pathfinder cars for sale


Nissan Elgrand cars
63 adverts | £2150 - £11985

Nissan Elgrand cars for sale

Almera Tino

Nissan Almera Tino cars
52 adverts | £595 - £2999

Nissan Almera Tino cars for sale

Gt R

Nissan Gt R cars
47 adverts | £38980 - £74980

Nissan Gt R cars for sale


Nissan Primastar cars
47 adverts | £2995 - £19995

Nissan Primastar cars for sale


Nissan 370z cars
35 adverts | £11975 - £33000

Nissan 370z cars for sale


Nissan 350z cars
32 adverts | £5890 - £13994

Nissan 350z cars for sale


Nissan Pulsar cars
24 adverts | £14999 - £20690

Nissan Pulsar cars for sale


Nissan Cabstar cars
22 adverts | £3495 - £19995

Nissan Cabstar cars for sale


Nissan Cube cars
20 adverts | £2990 - £6500

Nissan Cube cars for sale


Nissan Murano cars
18 adverts | £4166 - £15000

Nissan Murano cars for sale

Terrano Ii

Nissan Terrano Ii cars
18 adverts | £1095 - £5995

Nissan Terrano Ii cars for sale


Nissan Figaro cars
16 adverts | £3750 - £15944

Nissan Figaro cars for sale


Nissan Patrol cars
13 adverts | £3450 - £14590

Nissan Patrol cars for sale


Nissan Skyline cars
13 adverts | £4999 - £14995

Nissan Skyline cars for sale


Nissan Serena cars
12 adverts | £590 - £7490

Nissan Serena cars for sale


Nissan Nv400 cars
12 adverts | £10495 - £15000

Nissan Nv400 cars for sale


Nissan Tiida cars
10 adverts | £3290 - £4795

Nissan Tiida cars for sale


Nissan Terrano cars
8 adverts | £1695 - £4195

Nissan Terrano cars for sale


Nissan 280c cars
6 adverts | £9490 - £9490

Nissan 280c cars for sale


Nissan D22 cars
5 adverts | £3500 - £6995

Nissan D22 cars for sale


Nissan Stagea cars
5 adverts | £3995 - £6495

Nissan Stagea cars for sale


Nissan Kubistar cars
5 adverts | £2695 - £4650

Nissan Kubistar cars for sale


Nissan Interstar cars
4 adverts | £995 - £25495

Nissan Interstar cars for sale


Nissan 300zx cars
2 adverts | £1695 - £2495

Nissan 300zx cars for sale

Vanette E

Nissan Vanette E cars
2 adverts | £995 - £1295

Nissan Vanette E cars for sale


Nissan Sunny cars
2 adverts | £1495 - £2495

Nissan Sunny cars for sale

A historic view on Nissan cars

Rather than going head to head with its rivals, matching them up model for model, Nissan has taken a more nuanced approach that has gone down well. Pre-owned versions of the Note MPV and Qashqai 4x4 are now about in good numbers, so second hand car buyers can get a flavour for Nissan's twin pronged assault on the middle of the family car segment. Since the Almera and Primera bit the dust, there's been no conventional family hatch or medium range saloon from Nissan. The Micra offers an element of cute supermini style and above that come the spacious Note, the Qashqai SUV-styled family hatch and the X-Trail, a more traditional compact 4x4. The Qashqai has proven particularly popular with its mix of family hatch and 4x4 attributes making it a desirable used car. Those looking to buy a used Nissan with more space can turn to the Pathfinder, a family-sized 4x4 built to take the worst treatment your kids can dish out, or the plusher more road-orientated Murano, a stylish crossover 4x4 with a powerful petrol engine. Second hand Nissan sportscars are also worth investigating. The brand scored a massive hit with the muscular 350z in 2003 and that was replaced by the 370z in 2009.

Useful tips on how to sell your motor

When the time comes to advertise your old car, no matter where you advertise it, you’ll need to include vital information about your car in your advert. This information should include the make and model of your car along with its derivative and body style. These are the first things buyers will look for when scanning ads. As well as the colour and mileage of your car you should also state any extras such as power steering, air conditioning or full service history. It’s these extras that will separate your car from your competition and make a buyer want to enquire about your car. To find out more about how to advertise your car please click here.

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