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Mitsubishi has probably been best known for its 4x4 efforts down the years. The Shogun, L200 pick-up and, of course, the rally-bred Lancer Evolution dynasty are all creations that have captured the UK public's imagination. Used car buyers can expect sturdy mechanicals and decent reliability from the brand and these days, there's more to Mitsubishi than all-wheel-drive too.

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A historic view on Mitsubishi cars

Those looking to buy a used Mitsubishi are usually attracted by the 4x4s. The Shogun is a big family 4x4 that can deliver the goods off-road but is less polished on it. The Outlander is a compact 4x4 that's far more composed through the corners and will still do more than most people need it to in the rough. Second hand car buyers willing to venture a little further back in time might also come across the diminutive Shogun Pinin or the Shogun Sport, another big family 4x4 that's based upon the L200 pick-up. Used second hand versions of the L200 itself remain popular for their versatility. The Lancer Evolution models are understandably sought-after: there are few more capable performance cars around for equivalent money. The numerous different generations and special editions can be a minefield but there isn't really a duffer amongst them. The turbocharged engines are extremely strong but insurance and running costs for used cars will be high. More run of the mill Mitsubishi efforts include the Colt (a dependable pre-owned supermini), the Grandis (an attractively-styled and unusually sporty MPV) and the i (a quirky and economical citycar).

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