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Today, Lamborghini is one of the most evocative brands in motoring, not bad for a tractor manufacturer tempted to enter the sportscar arena by his disaffection with Ferrari products and customer service. Throughout an eventful history, the brand has consistently turned out dramatic designs with fearsome performance but it's in recent times under Volkswagen Group stewardship that Lamborghini has entered a new golden age. Could now be a good time to buy a used Lamborghini?

Most popular selling Lamborghini models ranked by popularity

Huracan car for sale
23 cars
Huracan car for sale

23 available

    From  £139,990       To  £270,000

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Aventador car for sale
19 cars
Aventador car for sale

19 available

    From  £199,975       To  £379,950

View Aventador cars
Gallardo car for sale
8 cars
Gallardo car for sale

8 available

    From  £68,990       To  £134,995

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Urus car for sale
4 cars
Urus car for sale

4 available

    From  £239,950       To  £259,950

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Countach car for sale
3 cars
Countach car for sale

3 available

    From  £295,000       To  £449,975

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Lamborghini in stats

Popular models: | Huracan (37%) | Aventador (31%) | Gallardo (13%) | Urus (6%) | Countach (5%)
Popular body styles: | Coupe (53%) | Convertible (34%) | 4x4 (6%)
Transmissions: | Automatic (77%) | Manual (23%)
Fuel types: | Petrol (100%)
Engines: | 4000cc (6%) | 5000cc (10%) | 5200cc (42%) | 6500cc (27%)
Popular colors: | Red | Orange | Grey | Green | Blue

A historic view on Lamborghini

In the modern era, Lamborghini hasn't had the breadth of different products that Ferrari can offer. There's the Murcielago supercar with its V12 engine and there's the smaller V10-powered Gallardo that formed the basis of the Audi R8. The cabins of both cars display elements of Audi switchgear, no bad thing from a build quality perspective, and both models use similar all-wheel-drive transmission systems. Values hold up well on the second hand car market and used car buyers looking for a more affordable way into a Lamborghini might want to step a little further back in time to the iconic Diablo that was produced between 1990 and 2001. The easiest Lamborghini used cars to own will still be the Gallardos, however. The Gallardo was launched in 2003 and both manual and E-gear sequential manual gearboxes are available. It was joined by a Spyder convertible version in 2006 when the output of the engine was boosted to 520bhp. The Gallardo Superleggera of 2007 is a highly desirable pre-owned model with 100kg worth of weight saving measures and 530bhp. In 2008, the Gallardo LP 560-4 was introduced with a new 5.2-litre V10 engine and 560bhp. Used second hand Lamborghinis used to be something for the brave or foolhardy but modern cars shouldn't be any more risky than the average exotic supercar.

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