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If you're after a four-wheel-drive used car that's up to the job of off-road driving, Jeep is one of the few brands that you can rely on. Sometimes the road-going performance of Jeep's models suffered as a result of the mud-plugging ability that's built-in but the distinctive looks and well-appointed cabins have been enough to convince many.

Most popular selling jeep models ranked by popularity

Renegade car for sale
372 cars
Renegade car for sale

372 available

    From  £2,485       To  £28,295
Grand Cherokee car for sale
196 cars
Grand Cherokee car for sale

196 available

    From  £500       To  £52,995
Cherokee car for sale
148 cars
Cherokee car for sale

148 available

    From  £990       To  £34,495
Wrangler car for sale
70 cars
Wrangler car for sale

70 available

    From  £995       To  £64,995
Compass car for sale
44 cars
Compass car for sale

44 available

    From  £4,490       To  £11,998
Commander car for sale
10 cars
Commander car for sale

10 available

    From  £6,500       To  £10,490

Jeep in stats

Popular models: | Renegade (44%) | Grand Cherokee (23%) | Cherokee (18%) | Wrangler (8%) | Compass (5%) | Commander (1%)
Popular body styles: | 4x4 (36%) | Estate (35%) | Hatchback (21%) | Convertible (2%) | People Carrier (1%) | Van (1%)
Transmissions: | Automatic (52%) | Manual (48%)
Fuel types: | Diesel (79%) | Petrol (21%)
Engines: | 1400cc (13%) | 1500cc (1%) | 1600cc (20%) | 2000cc (15%) | 2100cc (5%) | 2200cc (6%) | 2400cc (1%) | 2500cc (1%) | 2700cc (1%) | 2800cc (10%) | 3000cc (21%) | 3200cc (1%) | 3600cc (1%) | 3700cc (1%) | 3800cc (1%) | 4000cc (2%) | 4700cc (1%) | 5700cc (1%) | 6100cc (1%) | 6400cc (1%)
Popular colors: | Green | Gold | Brown | Blue | Black

A historic view on Jeep

Because of their off-road focus, buyers of second hand Jeeps should take extra care to ascertain that the vehicle they're looking at hasn't had too hard a life. The Jeep Wrangler is pretty extreme by most standards, very capable off-road but a little trying on the black-top. It's far better to look to the Cherokee used cars if you plan on regularly driving on the road. The Cherokee was originally a full size family 4x4 but the model launched in 2001 that's more commonly available to second hand car buyers these days was noticeably smaller. This was because a larger Grand Cherokee had slotted in above. The Commander was a larger seven-seat version of the Grand Cherokee that arrived in 2006 and its imposing squared-off looks make it a distinctive pre-owned choice. In 2007, Jeep expanded the lower end of its range with the Patriot and the Compass, the latter being the first Jeep designed expressly for road use. With its all-American heritage and off-road expertise, the Jeep brand has as clearly defined an image as you'll encounter on the UK car market. If it's your cup of tea, there's every reason to consider buying a used Jeep.

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