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The UK's favourite car manufacturer shows no sign of relinquishing its grip on the market with a product range that's as formidable as ever. Ford has demonstrated a detailed understanding of what motorists want over the years and used cars displaying the Blue Oval badge are just as desirable as the new ones.

Available models

Here's a list of the most popular selling Ford models ranked by popularity:


(12387 available)
Ford Fiesta cars

From: £163
To: £92990


(10753 available)
Ford Focus cars

From: £175
To: £60000


(3618 available)
Ford Transit cars

From: £149
To: £39985


(2721 available)
Ford Mondeo cars

From: £365
To: £157000


(2079 available)
Ford Kuga cars

From: £1495
To: £33215

C Max

(1715 available)
Ford C Max cars

From: £499
To: £21997


(1394 available)
Ford Ka cars

From: £195
To: £12095

S Max

(1152 available)
Ford S Max cars

From: £2200
To: £94196

B Max

(1070 available)
Ford B Max cars

From: £5495
To: £16950


(779 available)
Ford Ecosport cars

From: £8479
To: £18000


(762 available)
Ford Galaxy cars

From: £495
To: £37995

Grand C Max

(495 available)
Ford Grand C Max cars

From: £4485
To: £20495


(460 available)
Ford Ranger cars

From: £1200
To: £37125


(324 available)
Ford Fusion cars

From: £485
To: £6250


(184 available)
Ford Edge cars

From: £25695
To: £40845


(92 available)
Ford Tourneo cars

From: £1595
To: £25995

Grand Tourneo Connect

(86 available)
Ford Grand Tourneo Connect cars

From: £10488
To: £22695


(53 available)
Ford Mustang cars

From: £14500
To: £99950


(50 available)
Ford Streetka cars

From: £595
To: £2995


(19 available)
Ford Escort cars

From: £699
To: £49994


(13 available)
Ford Puma cars

From: £691
To: £2795


(6 available)
Ford F150 cars

From: £8978
To: £45995


(5 available)
Ford Maverick cars

From: £1495
To: £2750


(4 available)
Ford Sierra cars

From: £15995
To: £32995


(4 available)
Ford Cougar cars

From: £400
To: £2495


(3 available)
Ford Explorer cars

From: £1895
To: £11990


(4 available)
Ford Courier cars

From: £8295
To: £10840


(3 available)
Ford Consul cars

From: £9995
To: £16750


(2 available)
Ford Popular cars

From: £4990
To: £6450


(2 available)
Ford Capri cars

From: £12000
To: £18993

A historic view on Ford cars

The Ford range is packed with household names and its consistently strong sales levels mean that the models are almost all in plentiful supply on the used car market. The line-up kicks off with the funky Ka city car, a groundbreaking design that sold strongly for well over a decade before a new model's arrival in 2008. Then there's the ever-popular Fiesta and Focus, which have consistently led their respective classes in terms of driving dynamics. The latest Fiesta debuted in 2008 and the current Focus in 2004 but the previous generation versions of each car are still well worth a look. The Mondeo is always in plentiful supply as a second hand car thanks to its popularity in the fleet sector. The latest version offers a fine mix of space, comfort and sharp handling. The C-MAX, S-MAX and Galaxy are Ford's MPV offerings, all now readily available in pre-owned guise, and used second hand Kuga 4x4 models are about in reasonable numbers after its 2008 launch. With affordable prices, reasonable servicing costs and plenty of choice, there are no shortage of reasons to buy a used Ford.

Useful tips on how to sell your motor

Once you know the right Ford car for your needs you need to start thinking about selling your existing motor. When it’s time to advertise your car you need to think about how you are going to structure your advert. You need to describe your car as accurately as possible and describe facts about your car that will really interest buyers. For example, if your car has a full service history then you could mention this. Our “Sell my car” section has lots of tips and advice on how to sell your car effectively.

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