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The brand has built its reputation on outstanding engineering and a commitment to ingraining every one of its products with finely honed driving dynamics. Today's range is bigger than ever, so there should be a BMW used car to suit most tastes. Where to start? The cheapest way to buy a used BMW will be to search out a somewhat elderly 3-Series saloon.

Available models

Here's a list of the most popular selling Bmw models ranked by popularity:

3 Series

(4561 available)
Bmw 3 Series cars

From: 383
To: 79990

1 Series

(3470 available)
Bmw 1 Series cars

From: 2240
To: 58948

5 Series

(1502 available)
Bmw 5 Series cars

From: 350
To: 54994


(836 available)
Bmw X1 cars

From: 6995
To: 38995

4 Series

(780 available)
Bmw 4 Series cars

From: 14995
To: 62490


(736 available)
Bmw X5 cars

From: 3199
To: 74995


(608 available)
Bmw X3 cars

From: 2495
To: 43995

2 Series

(484 available)
Bmw 2 Series cars

From: 13000
To: 46781


(323 available)
Bmw Z4 cars

From: 2488
To: 33990

6 Series

(252 available)
Bmw 6 Series cars

From: 4900
To: 64994

7 Series

(185 available)
Bmw 7 Series cars

From: 2495
To: 114944


(180 available)
Bmw M3 cars

From: 6000
To: 83495


(171 available)
Bmw X6 cars

From: 13995
To: 59950


(73 available)
Bmw M4 cars

From: 37990
To: 154890


(55 available)
Bmw X4 cars

From: 25989
To: 47000


(49 available)
Bmw M5 cars

From: 8950
To: 69944


(45 available)
Bmw Z3 cars

From: 1195
To: 29994


(25 available)
Bmw Alpina cars

From: 7650
To: 114944


(21 available)
Bmw M6 cars

From: 15091
To: 61990


(24 available)
Bmw I3 cars

From: 14490
To: 31495


(17 available)
Bmw M2 cars

From: 26995
To: 59995


(12 available)
Bmw I8 cars

From: 64995
To: 114995

8 Series

(6 available)
Bmw 8 Series cars

From: 10000
To: 15990


(4 available)
Bmw M1 cars

From: 17495
To: 24995


(2 available)
Bmw G650 cars

From: 3989
To: 4589

A historic view on Bmw cars

Don't necessarily let higher mileages put you off with BMWs because these cars are proven to run and run. Do approach older versions of the 3, 5 and 7 Series with more caution, however, and remember that larger-engined second hand cars might be cheap to buy but can cost a pretty penny to run. The 1 Series arrived in 2004 and marked BMW's entry into the small car market, although it had already ventured there under its MINI banner. With rear-wheel-drive and some outstanding engines, this is a cut above your everyday hatchback and the growing numbers of used second hand models are priced accordingly. Sportscar fans will find the thrills they're looking for from the Z3 roadster and its replacement, the Z4. Both cars were offered in fire-breathing M guises with the M Coupe models being particularly hardcore. BMW is also well established in the 4x4 sector, a market it entered with its X5 luxury 4x4 and followed up its success with the X3. If you want a 4x4 that feels really at home on the road, these take some beating

Useful tips on how to sell your motor

It is imperative that you get your car in tip top condition if you want to sell it quickly and get your full asking price. Its important to remember that you are competing against sellers that are selling similar cars to yours. Therefore, you really need to think about how you are going to present it, its mechanical condition and service history. It is these things that can really make the difference. Feel free to visit our Sell My Car page for more selling tips.

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