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There are many car manufacturers that would kill, or at least commit acts of industrial espionage, for a little bit of what Alfa Romeo has got. Fortunately for Alfa, its heritage, style, passion and ability to turn grown car buyers weak at the knees, isn't something that can be easily pinched or copied. Let DesperateSeller.co.uk help you find your next used Alfa Romeo car today!

Available models

Here's a list of the most popular selling Alfa Romeo models ranked by popularity:


Alfa Romeo Giulietta cars
442 adverts | 5599 - 25995

Alfa Romeo Giulietta cars for sale


Alfa Romeo Mito cars
351 adverts | 4490 - 18295

Alfa Romeo Mito cars for sale


Alfa Romeo 159 cars
73 adverts | 3190 - 15295

Alfa Romeo 159 cars for sale


Alfa Romeo 147 cars
37 adverts | 999 - 8994

Alfa Romeo 147 cars for sale


Alfa Romeo Gt cars
35 adverts | 2250 - 9995

Alfa Romeo Gt cars for sale


Alfa Romeo Spider cars
28 adverts | 1795 - 13950

Alfa Romeo Spider cars for sale


Alfa Romeo 156 cars
20 adverts | 595 - 6000

Alfa Romeo 156 cars for sale


Alfa Romeo Brera cars
18 adverts | 4979 - 11495

Alfa Romeo Brera cars for sale


Alfa Romeo 4c cars
4 adverts | 49990 - 56950

Alfa Romeo 4c cars for sale


Alfa Romeo 145 cars
3 adverts | 99999 - 99999

Alfa Romeo 145 cars for sale


Alfa Romeo Sprint cars
2 adverts | 34950 - 200000

Alfa Romeo Sprint cars for sale


Alfa Romeo Gtv cars
2 adverts | 1495 - 1495

Alfa Romeo Gtv cars for sale


Alfa Romeo 8c cars
2 adverts | 159990 - 169990

Alfa Romeo 8c cars for sale

A historic view on Alfa Romeo cars

The brand's popularity means there's always a healthy crop of desirable second hand cars on the used car market. Alfa Romeo residual values don't tend to hold up as strongly as those of its German rivals but that just makes pre-owned models look more enticing. Issues over reliability have been successfully addressed in the modern era and these days, it's possible to buy a used Alfa Romeo with confidence. The 147 was Alfa's entry-level choice for a long while until the MiTo supermini arrived and it makes a handsome and distinctive alternative to mainstream family hatchbacks. More common amongst the ranks of used cars will be the 159 saloon and its predecessor, the 156. Again, both are elegantly styled (you'll struggle to find an Alfa Romeo that isn't) and have the sporty flavour to appeal to enthusiastic drivers. They make a sound alternative to the usual Germanic compact executive choices. Finally, you have the Alfa sportscars, and there are quite a few used second hand versions about. The GTV and Spider of the late 90s were replaced by the Brera and its Spider version in 2006. Also worth considering is the more affordable Alfa GT coupe launched in 2004.

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