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Supercharge your leads is part of the network and have been helping UK car dealers sell cars since 2001.

Dealers who currently receive vehicle leads from can now increase the level of leads they receive by enhancing the presence of their stock across the site. So, the more buyers that notice your cars then the more leads that are generated – simple.


Supercharge your stock

What does Supercharging do?

Supercharging your stock can help increase the amount of leads you receive from by up to 32%. It simply involves enhancing the presence of your stock and making your cars stand out from other similar cars listed on the site. This is achieved by:

  • Adding a dealer logo alongside your listings
  • Adding prominent "Featured car" wording
  • Highlighting your stock in results
  • Adding "Featured dealer" banner advertorial
  • Prominence in "Local cars for sale" sections

Stand out - increase leads

How much does it cost?

We've kept our pricing as simple and straight forward as possible. To Supercharge all of your cars across the website we charge on a monthly basis, there are no other hidden charges or costs.

Supercharging your stock costs from as little as £25 per month. You can view our charges below.

Size of stock: 2-50 cars 51-100 cars 101 + cars
Cost per month: £25 pm £50 pm £75 pm

Getting started

Supercharging your stock is easy, all you need to do is let us know by clicking on the button below.

I'm interested!

Desperate? What's with the name?

To some dealers having the name “Desperate” in our name could imply that they’re desperate to sell their cars. is not a website that advertises cars from dealers who are "desperate" to sell their stock. Back in 2001 the site’s sole purpose was to help private sellers who had no joy in selling their car. They were in a state of “desperation”, hence the name “DesperateSeller”. Times have changed since then and we've now become a favourite destination for people looking for used cars and one of’s oldest and trusted network partners.