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You'll be surprised what you can find in our cars under £2,000 section. Most of the cars advertised on our site are heavily reduced in price and come with a free history check ...

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 Martyns Car Sales, Chertsey

£1,500 Good price

Reliant Scimitar 3.0 GTE 2dr

1980 (V)  |   70,000 miles  |   Coupe  |   2800cc  |   Petrol  |   Manual  |   2 doors

Description includes We have much more to tell you about this car so please feel free to call us for more details...eee

We currently have 1 Reliant cars available across the UK priced under £2000.

Spending £2,000 on your next car isn't as easy as you'd think. This is because it's one of the most common car budgets amongst UK car buyers. Choose poorly and you could end up with a banger. However, putting in some hard work and choosing wisely could get you a fantastic bargain.

Good to know: There's a good chance that cars under £2,000 will have high mileages. Keep in mind that cars that have done approximately 80,000 miles are hitting a point where important parts such as the clutch or starter motor can wear out. Therefore, you might want to factor in £250 to £500 in annual maintenance just so you're covered.



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