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Used Smart Cars For Sale

When smart launched its City-Coupe and City Cabrio in 1998, it's fair to say it was a little ahead of its time. The concept of an ultra-compact, economical city car with a funky image designed expressly for use in town is one that's being employed extensively by manufacturers today.

Most popular selling Smart models

City Cabriolet car for sale
5 cars available
City Cabriolet car for sale
Priced from  £1,295 to £2,395
View City Cabriolet
City Coupe car for sale
18 cars available
City Coupe car for sale
Priced from  £999 to £2,995
View City Coupe
City Passion car for sale
2 cars available
City Passion car for sale
Priced from  £1,695 to £2,995
View City Passion
Forfour car for sale
253 cars available
Forfour car for sale
Priced from  £895 to £22,881
View Forfour
Fortwo car for sale
160 cars available
Fortwo car for sale
Priced from  £1,495 to £21,900
View Fortwo
Fortwo Cabrio car for sale
47 cars available
Fortwo Cabrio car for sale
Priced from  £1,995 to £21,720
View Fortwo Cabrio
Fortwo Coupe car for sale
190 cars available
Fortwo Coupe car for sale
Priced from  £1,990 to £18,000
View Fortwo Coupe
Roadster car for sale
6 cars available
Roadster car for sale
Priced from  £1,500 to £4,995
View Roadster

Smart in stats

Popular models: | Forfour (37%) | Fortwo Coupe (28%) | Fortwo (23%) | Fortwo Cabrio (7%) | City Coupe (3%) | Roadster (1%) | City Cabriolet (1%) | City Passion (0%)
Popular body styles: | Coupe (37%) | Hatchback (35%) | Convertible (9%) | Saloon (4%)
Transmissions: | Automatic (58%) | Manual (42%)
Fuel types: | Diesel (3%) | Electric (4%) | Petrol (92%)
Engines: | 0.6 (1%) | 1000cc (66%) | 1100cc (1%) | 1300cc (1%) | 1500cc (1%) | 700cc (6%) | 800cc (3%) | 900cc (15%)
Popular colors: | Orange | Grey | Green | Brown | Blue
Popular derivatives: Brabus | Iceshine | Passion | Pulse | Pure |

A historic view on Smart

When the first smarts came on the scene, UK buyers didn't quite know what to make of it but now the brand's foresight is being appreciated, smart used cars are a very attractive proposition. Smart cars looked rather expensive when new, considering how little car you were getting for your money, but they work extremely well in town once you've got the hang of the idiosyncratic clutchless gearbox. Both coupe and convertible came in a wide range of different colour schemes, so it will be unusual to find two pre-owned smarts that look the same. The smart city car was renamed the Fortwo in 2004, making way for the larger Forfour supermini model which shared a platform with the Mitsubishi Colt. The smart Roadster had also been introduced by this stage and remains a decent bet as a used second hand sports car with low running costs. By 2006 smart's expansion plans had been scaled back with both the Forfour and the Roadster having been discontinued. Best smart second hand car is the second generation Fortwo launched in 2007. The better gearbox, higher quality interior, increased space and a smoother driving experience made this a big improvement over the original. A smart used car will hold its value better than the average city car model, so buy a used smart and you should get a decent return when you sell it on.

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