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Used Lexus Cars For Sale

It's hard to ignore the big German brands when buying an executive car but if you can manage to divert your attention away from their Teutonic efficiency for a while, a spot of Japanese attention to detail might be just the ticket. Lexus is the luxury arm of Toyota, so it certainly has the financial clout to compete with the BMWs and Audis of this world.

Most popular selling Lexus models

Ct car for sale
255 cars available
Ct car for sale
Priced from  £5,980 to £33,900
View Ct
Es car for sale
25 cars available
Es car for sale
Priced from  £31,495 to £39,655
View Es
Gs car for sale
55 cars available
Gs car for sale
Priced from  £1,989 to £26,490
View Gs
Is car for sale
337 cars available
Is car for sale
Priced from  £690 to £42,990
View Is
Lc 500 car for sale
10 cars available
Lc 500 car for sale
Priced from  £50,950 to £89,990
View Lc 500
Ls car for sale
20 cars available
Ls car for sale
Priced from  £1,550 to £22,298
View Ls
Nx car for sale
250 cars available
Nx car for sale
Priced from  £15,395 to £45,990
View Nx
Rc car for sale
45 cars available
Rc car for sale
Priced from  £15,980 to £59,990
View Rc
Rx car for sale
331 cars available
Rx car for sale
Priced from  £2,490 to £62,120
View Rx
Sc car for sale
15 cars available
Sc car for sale
Priced from  £4,595 to £10,995
View Sc
Ux car for sale
67 cars available
Ux car for sale
Priced from  £18,491 to £40,500
View Ux

Lexus in stats

Popular models: | Is (24%) | Rx (23%) | Ct (18%) | Nx (18%) | Ux (5%) | Gs (4%) | Rc (3%) | Es (2%) | Ls (1%) | Sc (1%)
Popular body styles: | Saloon (31%) | 4x4 (23%) | Estate (21%) | Hatchback (19%) | Coupe (4%) | Convertible (1%)
Transmissions: | Automatic (75%) | Manual (25%)
Fuel types: | Diesel (3%) | Petrol (12%) | Petrol Electric Hybrid (30%)
Engines: | 1800cc (17%) | 2000cc (6%) | 2200cc (3%) | 2400cc (1%) | 2500cc (42%) | 3000cc (3%) | 3300cc (4%) | 3500cc (18%) | 4300cc (2%) | 4600cc (1%) | 5000cc (1%)
Popular colors: | Green | Gold | Brown | Blue | Black
Popular derivatives: Advance | F Sport | Luxury | Se I | Se L | Sport |

A historic view on Lexus

It has the cars too and on the second hand car market, Lexus brand values look even more appealing. The Lexus line-up opens with the IS compact executive saloon which is one of the easier ways to buy a used Lexus. The cheapest used cars will be the first generation models from 1998 and these were available in saloon or Sport Cross estate form. Better are the post 2005 second generation models, with the IS 220d diesel being particularly popular. The 5.0-litre V8 IS F performance model is a genuine BMW M3 rival but a rare used second hand car. The GS sits above the IS, a full-size executive saloon. Both second generation and third generation cars are worth seeking out, with the latter models launched in 2005. The GS450h is a hybrid model launched in 2008 that proved popular in the absence of a diesel engine. The luxury saloon effort from Lexus is badged LS and it's been through four generations since 1989. The latest cars were launched in 2006 and the LS600h hybrid model turned up in 2008. All of these Lexus models display outstanding levels of comfort, refinement and build quality for their class but they tend to lack the sporty edge that's built into the Germanic alternatives. Pre-owned models are easy to come by and Lexus dealers have a great reputation for customer service. That only leaves the RX SUV which is a popular used car with family buyers and the slow selling SC430, a two-seat hardtop convertible that's more relaxed cruiser than sportscar.

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