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Used Kia Cars For Sale

Kia is being taken a whole lot more seriously today than it once was. The marque will have first come to the attention of most UK motorists as a producer of resoundingly average family cars with lots of equipment and temptingly low price tags. On the used car market, these vehicles are even more affordable but second hand car buyers in the know will happily pay a little extra for Kia's more recent efforts.

Most popular selling Kia models

Carens car for sale
178 cars available
Carens car for sale
Priced from  £700 to £17,985
View Carens
Ceed car for sale
938 cars available
Ceed car for sale
Priced from  £125 to £26,499
View Ceed
Magentis car for sale
8 cars available
Magentis car for sale
Priced from  £1,290 to £3,995
View Magentis
Niro car for sale
464 cars available
Niro car for sale
Priced from  £11,500 to £37,995
View Niro
Optima car for sale
154 cars available
Optima car for sale
Priced from  £3,490 to £31,550
View Optima
Picanto car for sale
1,152 cars available
Picanto car for sale
Priced from  £495 to £14,499
View Picanto
Pro Ceed car for sale
169 cars available
Pro Ceed car for sale
Priced from  £2,495 to £23,995
View Pro Ceed
Rio car for sale
698 cars available
Rio car for sale
Priced from  £899 to £17,994
View Rio
Sedona car for sale
42 cars available
Sedona car for sale
Priced from  £895 to £14,995
View Sedona
Sorento car for sale
266 cars available
Sorento car for sale
Priced from  £890 to £43,999
View Sorento
Soul car for sale
223 cars available
Soul car for sale
Priced from  £1,500 to £37,295
View Soul
Sportage car for sale
3,050 cars available
Sportage car for sale
Priced from  £209 to £31,999
View Sportage
Stinger car for sale
66 cars available
Stinger car for sale
Priced from  £16,450 to £39,695
View Stinger
Stonic car for sale
238 cars available
Stonic car for sale
Priced from  £9,995 to £18,995
View Stonic
Venga car for sale
503 cars available
Venga car for sale
Priced from  £2,490 to £14,295
View Venga
Xceed car for sale
130 cars available
Xceed car for sale
Priced from  £14,799 to £32,595
View Xceed

Kia in stats

Popular models: | Sportage (37%) | Picanto (14%) | Ceed (11%) | Rio (8%) | Venga (6%) | Niro (6%) | Sorento (3%) | Stonic (3%) | Soul (3%) | Carens (2%)
Popular body styles: | Hatchback (40%) | Estate (29%) | 4x4 (21%) | People Carrier (3%) | Saloon (1%) | Coupe (0%)
Transmissions: | Automatic (25%) | Manual (75%)
Fuel types: | Diesel (42%) | Electric (n/a) | Petrol (51%) | Petrol Electric Hybrid (1%)
Engines: | 1000cc (12%) | 1100cc (2%) | 1200cc (9%) | 1300cc (0%) | 1400cc (8%) | 1500cc (1%) | 1600cc (39%) | 1700cc (16%) | 1800cc (0%) | 2000cc (6%) | 2200cc (3%) | 2400cc (0%) | 2500cc (1%) | 2700cc (0%) | 2900cc (1%) | 3300cc (1%)
Popular colors: | Green | Gold | Brown | Blue | Black

A historic view on Kia

It's not there yet but Kia has designs on mainstream respectability and its recent models haven't been far from achieving that goal. Older Kias such as the Rio, Carens and Magentis were cheap and cheerful while models like the Picanto city car, the 2006 Sedona MPV and the 2003 Sorento 4x4 gained a cult following and are well worth seeking out as used cars. The marque's more competitive efforts began with the cee'd family hatch of 2007 vintage, a model which stands comparison with the likes of the Ford's Focus and Vauxhall's Astra. Three-door pro_cee'd versions are also available and worth searching out as used cars. Pre-owned versions of the Sportage 4x4 that was launched in 2007 are also worthwhile, as are second hand examples of the Kia Soul (an SUV-styled 2WD family hatchback with attitude) which arrived in early 2009. The majority of modern Kia models were accompanied by a 7-year warranty which will do much to prop-up residual values and encourage motorists to consider buying a used Kia.

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