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Used Isuzu Cars For Sale

There aren't too many different models available to those looking to buy a used Isuzu. The good news is that the manufacturer has a habit of building its vehicles to last, so many of the cars and pick-ups that were sold will still be out there somewhere - let help you find them!

Most popular selling Isuzu models

D Max car for sale
267 cars available
D Max car for sale
Priced from  £5,000 to £74,994
View D Max
Forward car for sale
18 cars available
Forward car for sale
Priced from  £4,495 to £63,594
View Forward
Grafter car for sale
19 cars available
Grafter car for sale
Priced from  £12,000 to £43,194
View Grafter
Rodeo car for sale
12 cars available
Rodeo car for sale
Priced from  £6,490 to £12,495
View Rodeo
Tf car for sale
3 cars available
Tf car for sale
Priced from  £4,200 to £5,999
View Tf

Isuzu in stats

Popular models: | D Max (83%) | Grafter (6%) | Forward (6%) | Rodeo (4%) | Tf (1%)
Popular body styles: | Van (58%) | Other (37%) | Pickup (5%)
Transmissions: | Automatic (41%) | Manual (59%)
Fuel types: | Diesel (99%) | Other (n/a) | Petrol (n/a)
Engines: | 10300 (1%) | 10600 (4%) | 1390 (1%) | 1898 (46%) | 1900 (10%) | 1968 (1%) | 1989 (1%) | 2499 (21%) | 2500 (4%) | 2999 (4%) | 3000 (1%) | 5193 (1%) | 5200 (1%)
Popular colors: | Orange | Grey | Green | Gold | Blue

A historic view on Isuzu

The brand is known for its off road vehicles in the UK and has forged itself a solid reputation with buyers who need their 4x4 to get its tyres dirty. The main avenues to explore with Isuzu used cars are its Trooper, a family-sized 4x4, and its pick-up trucks - which means the utilitarian TF or the plusher Rodeo. The second generation Trooper was built from 1992 until 2002, with a facelift in 1998 to freshen it up a bit. It's a tough and dependable off-road vehicle with decent amounts of space inside but it's not long on creature comforts by modern standards. The Trooper also formed the basis for the Vauxhall Monterey. The TF pick-up is one of the more affordable ways to buy a fully functioning used second hand pick-up truck. It lacks the chrome and attitude found on some of the more expensive alternatives and is definitely more of a commercial vehicle than a lifestyle accessory but it does the job. Pre-owned examples are very affordable. The Rodeo, by contrast, is far more focused on the trendy end of the pick-up market. One of the leading options in the lifestyle pick-up segment, it offers a powerful engine and muscular looks. It makes a viable used car but condition will vary widely depending on the kind of usage different models have been put through. Second hand car buyers should ideally seek out one that's had an easy time on the tarmac.

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