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If you've reached this page then it's highly likely that you need to sell your car. Type in the words "advertise my car" in Google and you'll be presented with hundreds of websites claiming that they do just that.

There are three conventional routes when it comes to selling your car but which one should you choose? You could trade it in against the price of a car you wish to buy or you could even sell it to a car buying company for cash. However, if you’re happy to put a little effort in then you could advertise it privately and potentially get the most money for it.

Option 1

Advertise on
Cost: FREE

You can now advertise your car on for free (normally £14.99). Your car will appear on the website for 4 weeks. All you have to do is write a small review about your car and then place your free advert.

Option 2

Advertise on
Cost: £14.99

If you want to sell your car privately then you can advertise your car on for just £14.99. Within a few minutes your car will appear on the site and stay on it for 4 weeks.

Option 3

Get an instant offer for your car
Cost: FREE

All you have to do is just enter some details about the car you’re selling and you'll get a cash offer for your car. It’s a safe and convenient way to sell your car quickly.

Get a cash offer
Latest advertised cars
2010 (10) Vauxhall Insignia
1997 (R) TVR Chimaera
2016 (65) Jeep Renegade
2014 (64) BMW 3 Series
2008 (08) Mazda MX 5
2014 (64) Porsche Boxster
2000 (V) Mazda MX 5
2010 (10) Alfa Romeo MiTo
2014 (64) Volkswagen Golf
2017 (67) Peugeot 807
2014 (14) MINI Paceman
2013 (13) Toyota Estima
2008 (08) Honda Jazz
2011 (11) Mercedes Benz SL Class
2016 (66) Mercedes Benz A Class
2004 (04) Peugeot 206
2012 (61) Ford Focus
2014 (14) Citroen C4 Picasso
2014 (14) Audi A1

Desperate seller? was created back in 1999 specifically to help people sell their cars privately. It was aimed at people having trouble selling their car. So much trouble that they were in a state of "desperation" to sell their car quickly so that they could purchase their next one. The focus of the website has changed significantly since then where today we also focus on helping people find the cars they want.


Selling a Used Car Options

The car dealer

Selling your car to a car dealer is probably the easiest and most common way of selling your car. It's better known as "part exchanging" and involves the dealer buying your car off you for a set price and then taking this price off of the price of your new car. The only downside to this approach is that the dealer is likely to value your car less than what it's actually worth.

Car buying companies

An increasing number of people now sell their "cars for cash" online to car buying companies such as WeBuyAnyCar, WeWantAnyCar, WeBuyCarsToday, MotorWay, Wizzle and Tootle. It usually just involves entering the details of your car onto their website and then waiting for them to get back to you with the price that they're prepared to pay for it.

Sell my car for cash


Selling privately

You'll usually get the best price by selling your car privately. This involves advertising on car classified websites such as

Advertise with DesperateSeller

Advertising my car on DesperateSeller

If you're prepared to do a little legwork then selling your car privately is the best way to maximise the true value of your car. Thousands of car buyers look for cars for sale on the every week. Therefore, if you're prepared to take a couple of photos of your car and create your advert then you've got a really good chance of getting the most money when you sell it.

Free used car valuations

If you've not got any idea on how much your car is actually worth then head over to our used car valuations section. Simply select the make, model and year of your car and we will provide you with a rough market value to get you started.

Help, advice and tips on selling your car

Here's some advice you might find useful when the time is right to sell you car.

Tips advice

The best options to sell my car

You’ve got four options when it comes to selling your car. You can sell to a dealer, sell it privately, sell at auction and finally sell online to a car buying company. We’ll tell you which option will get you the best deal....[cont]

Tips advice

Selling your car safely and securely – How to keep safe with our simple guide

Selling your car privately can add hundreds of pounds onto the value of your car. However, being conned or scammed by fraudulent buyers can leave you out of pocket. The chances are high that you will sell your car to a genuine buyer without any issues. However, by taking a quick look at our simple guide and following a few simple steps you can help...[cont]

Tips advice

Selling tips and advice

With a little attention to detail and some elbow grease, you can save thousands of pounds by selling your car online. The following tips from the UK’s premier car selling and buying website will show you how. ...[cont]

What to do with the V5c document when selling your car

The V5c document, also known as the Logbook, is the most important document you will need when selling your car. This document proves that you are the legal registered owner of the vehicle and can therefore sell it. All the vehicle details listed on the V5c should match the car that you’re selling.

Once you’ve agreed to sell the car ask the buyer to complete section 6 and section 10 with their details as the new keeper of the car. Both you and the seller need to sign the declaration in section 8. Tear off section 8 and give it to the buyer so they can prove that they are the new owner. You then need to return the rest of the V5c to the DVLA.