History Check Passed

DesperateSeller.co.uk works with our automotive data provider to confirm the identity of vehicles listed on our site. As part of this process checks against cars are made in order to give our users peace of mind when searching for cars.

What we check


If a vehicle is listed on the Police National Computer as stolen then it won't apprear.


Vehicles are checked as to whether they have been recorded by the DVLA as scrapped.

Written off?

Vehicles are checked to discover whether they have been "written-off" by an insurer.


Vehicles are check to see if they've been recorded by the DVLA as imported or exported.

What we don't check

Vehicles are only checked at the time the advert was creating with our automotive partner. As such, the screening check does not provide information on how the vehicle has been treated or its service history. In particular, we do not check for any outstanding finance or mileage anomaly on the car.

Satisfy yourself

Please note that it is for you to satisfy yourself as to the quality, condition and provenance of the vehicle through your own inspection and enquiries. DesperateSeller.co.uk shall accept no liability for any information prepared by it (in particular, where it is dependant and reliant on information provided by third parties and, for the avoidance of doubt, DesperateSeller.co.uk does not undertake to check or scrutinise such information).

We advise you to carry out your own enquiries into the vehicle's history, for example by purchasing a full vehicle check with a data guarantee of up to £30,000 using the link below.

Carry out a history check With MyCarCheck.com

About MyCarCheck.com

It's vital to check the hidden history of any vehicle before you go ahead with the purchase. You wouldn't buy a house without a survey, even if you trusted the seller, so exercise the same caution when choosing a car. It's just not worth leaving it to chance. We have teamed up with My Car Check to provide you with a comprehensive vehicle history check service. We can tell you all this, as well as providing mileage data and give you a full description of the car including make, model, colour engine size and number, fuel type, date of first registration, door plan and transmission. So you can now check the car before you view it, saving you the time and effort of viewing a car already with a hidden past.

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