Let's get you financed!

If you've seen a car on DesperateSeller.co.uk but don't think you can afford it then think again. This is because finance could get you the car for less than you think. 80% of drivers now fund their car with finance so you're in good company.

Some buyers pay for their car using cash but that’s not an option for everyone. You may even be tempted to pay for your car using a credit card which will give you some protection if the car’s faulty. However, not all car sellers are able to take credit card payments and interest rates can be extremely high. You also have to be pretty self-disciplined to pay off what you borrow and not just the minimum monthly payment. Failing to do so could end you up still owing money long after the car is gone.

A popular option amongst car buyers is a personal loan which can be arranged through a bank, building society or specialist lender. Repayment periods can be set to suit your budget and interest rates can be very competitive which means you can get a great deal.

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