Car insurance

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Top tips for how to save money on your car insurance have utilised their vast experience in the field, to come up with this list of top tips for people looking to save money on their car insurance. With the AA estimating that average car insurance prices have risen by 20% in the last year, there has never been a greater need to know all the tricks of the trade.

Use the internet

Many insurers offer much cheaper deals online than over the phone due to the need to recover admin costs. You would be surprised how much you could save, with Sainsbury’s Finance car insurance quotes being 10% cheaper online, that’s a £90 saving on the average car insurance policy!

Shop around

Don’t expect the cheapest possible price by accepting your renewal letter. It may take a bit more effort but make sure that you shop around and get quotes from as many different insurers as possible. The easiest way to do this is through price comparison websites like, who believe that shopping around can save the average driver £205 a year. Pay a higher excess on your policy. The normal excess on a policy is £250, but offering to pay a larger voluntary excess in the result of a claim can result in a cheaper overall quote.

Pass plus

Taking courses such as pass plus, which can be done through most driving instructors, could cut up to 35% off your insurance policy. There will be no test at the end of the course, however you do have to complete the course within the first year of passing your driving test. Put an older person as an additional driver. Adding an older driver to your policy as an additional driver often results in a cheaper quote. For example, on a 2002 Ford Focus, adding an additional older driver to a 19 year old's policy saved them £300 with one well known car insurer.

Cut down your annual mileage

The number of miles you tell your insurer you are doing, the more you will pay. So make sure you aren’t paying for miles that you’re not doing. However, make sure that you don’t estimate fewer miles than what you are actually doing, because that could render any car insurance policy void.

Park in the safest place possible

Try to make sure that your car is parked as safely as possible, as this will affect the cost of your insurance. With 50% of vehicle thefts occurring at night, parking in a locked garage will obviously be the best option for saving you money. Failing that, the driveway will be far less risky than the road where your car will be at risk of accidental damage and vandalism.

Fit an alarm

Fitting an approved alarm and/or immobiliser, such as a Thatcham 1 or Thatcham 2 is another sure way to significantly reduce your insurance costs due to the obvious benefit of reducing the risk of theft.