Get it checked!

Every year hundreds of thousands of used cars for sale are stolen and many find their way back into the market place. Unscrupulous sellers take the risk that most potential buyers do not do any checks, they just get carried away by a shiny used car at a "bargain" price. Don't risk it!

Don't risk it! Get it checked - Only £3.95!!

Simply enter the Reg of the car you want to check in the box opposite and we'll provide with all the information you need to make a safe decision about buying that particular car.

It's vital to check the hidden history of any vehicle before you go ahead with the purchase. You wouldn't buy a house without a survey, even if you trusted the seller, so exercise the same caution when choosing a car. It's just not worth leaving it to chance. We have teamed up with My Car Check to provide you with a comprehensive vehicle history check service. We can tell you all this, as well as providing mileage data and give you a full description of the car including make, model, colour engine size and number, fuel type, date of first registration, door plan and transmission. So you can now check the car before you view it, saving you the time and effort of viewing a car already with a hidden past.

We can tell you if a car:

Was recorded as stolen by the Police
Was stolen & recovered
Was a Write off or Recorded Accident Damage
Was scrapped by the DVLA
Was subject to Plate Transfers
Had any colour changes
Has been exported

Also, find out.......

How many former keepers the car has had
The registered VIN (Chassis Number)
The registered Engine Number and Size
The date the car was first Registered
The year the car was manufactured

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